Sorry I have been M.I.A.

OK  all so like the title says I am sorry i have been MIA for the past couple weeks. Needless to say they have been rough. Thing one, who has ABS for all you that don’t know, just got done enduring casting for her club foot and a tendon transfer in that foot to help correct it. Then, a week after getting that cast off went in for a bone revision on her amputation and had a bursa (internal blister) removed.  We are at the moment in the healing process as that surgery just happened this past Thursday.   Roughly two weeks from now we will be going back to her doctor to check up on her healing and start the fitting process for her next prosthetic.  She wants to get another butterfly foot this time.  Since she went to camp no limits and saw a bunch of kids using running feet she has been asking about getting a running foot. For all that don’t know the difference,which I’m sure are many of you, a running foot is a metal blade foot which simulates ankle movement and has more rebound in the step.  While there are normal prosthetics that offer ankle movement her insurance doesn’t cover any of them, nor does it cover a running foot , but that’s what she has her hopes set on. We decided today to start her a gofundme page in hopes of raising one for her since she talks about it nonstop.  That aside, she did really well behaving and taking being in the hospital like a champ. The nurses all fell in love with her and kept telling me what a bright and well-mannered kid she was for her age (insert big proud mommy grin).

Thing 2 is starting to lose his baby face 😥 He is starting to take on the toddler three year old face and FINALLY starting to speak a few more words that can actually be understood. We are slowly working on potty training, but he would still rather sit on the potty and shove toilet paper in it and then get in the tub and watch himself pee into the bath water (i think he likes me draining the water to fill it back up) And today he ate some chili!!! We have been going through a picky phase where he has only wanted to eat maybe ten things and WOULD NOT touch anything else but today he actually ate some chili so maybe the picky stage is over YAY.

Sickness is my kryptonite

Good morning all,

well maybe not GOOD morning. I am not feeling supermom today. Went to bed last night with a sinus headache and and woke up to it being even worse. I now have the wonderful job of taking care of thing 1 and thing 2 all day while being sick with a stuffy nose and a throb behind my eyes. And just to make it a little worse thing 2 woke up with a lovely cough and a runny nose.

I think being sick while being the stay-at-home parent are the worst days on the job. Not only do you want to stay in bed all day with your eyes shut and to just not move, but you don’t get that luxury. And god forbid you try to lay on the couch to watch the littles, they will ask for everything under the sun every five minutes meaning you continuously have to get up to get them what they want. Eventually you will give up and just be up for the day with your eyes half shut while trying to breathe through your mouth. I guess it could be worse. So far the littles are being fairly good other then the normal question to mom every five minutes.

Here’s to making it through today and hoping i feel better tomorrow

new to nappies + milk

Hi all i am supermom…or at least that’s what i call myself as some of you might also do 😉

I have two tater tots (4 1/2 year old girl and 2 1/2 year old boy) (thing 1 and thing 2)

Thing 1 was born with amniotic band syndrome causing malformation on all four of her limbs. She has clubfoot on her right foot and is an amputee on left below her knee and wears a prosthetic. Her right hand has shortened fingers but are otherwise normal and her left hand was bound into a fist at birth but has since been surgically separated. But don’t let any of that fool you into thinking there is anything she can’t do!!! She has a strong personality and adapts to just about whatever is thrown at her. Her favorite things to do are color and play with her brother (i.e. fight lol)

Thing 2 on the other hand is a normal typical 2 year old stubborn boy. He likes to run and throw and and run and flip and run and dance and has a funny way of watching TV (he likes to flip upside down on the couch and watch TV while standing on his head) and oh did i mention he likes to run??? His favorite toys are puzzles and trucks.

Meanwhile I am a stay-at-home mom while my amazing man goes to work and school full time and supports our little family. I spend my days taking care of them and the house while working on broadening my crafty business Dark Side of the Spool. I like to crochet and sew and work on random other crafty projects. All most all of them i work on just randomly come to mind so i will work on several to put into my Etsy shop and post on Facebook.

Anyway just wanted to say hello for my first post and tell you a bit about me and my family. I will be posting about taking care of the tater tots and sometimes the things i have been working on for my crafty business while being buried under the tater tots.

Welcome to my adventure 🙂