Today’s Episode of “Why is my kid crying?”

I know, I know, there is an entire blog dedicated to this topic, but today was one of those mind-boggling episodes in my life.  Where I seriously had no rational concept of WHAT IN THE ACTUAL &#!@ Lana was crying for… but let me add that don’t be surprised if she starts wearing something like this while in the car:

Sun Block VisorBecause we are commuting facing the east in the morning and west in the evening, this time of the year always puts the sun right in my face.  It wasn’t an issue this time last year because Lana was rear facing, and yes, I know she should STILL be rear facing, but we recently flipped her around to be front facing because my aunt had to have her front facing due to an older car.  It’s silly really, that we couldn’t keep her rear facing, but I digress.  My tactic usually is to use my arm to block the sun from beaming into her eyes.  This morning, that was completely unacceptable apparently.  She became incredulous that my arm was up and the second I took it down to appease her, more tears and crying.  WHAT THE $&@#????  It was a game of cat and mouse for the entire 10 minutes we were stuck with the sun in our faces.  Eventually, as I got off the freeway, the sun was to our right and all was well again.  Sigh, will this be a rinse and repeat type of moment tonight for our commute home?!?!?