Robots, Fish, Dolls. Janod Toys

A plethora of subscription boxes reaches our door every month, much to my husband’s chagrin.  One of the best parts of the subscription service is that it introduces you to brands or products you might have otherwise have never known about.  Which, is also the downside, because you suddenly realize that you “need” coughmarketingatitsbestcough more of that otherwise unknown product.   Sure, there are duds in the boxes and another subject for another post is how certain subscription services continually send Lana stuff that is geared toward itty bitty babies.  We don’t need yet another stuffed rattler positioned as “Lana needs to learn how to look at herself in a rattle with a mirror at age 19 months because…”  yeah, nice try.  Anyway, like usual, I digress.

In a couple of the various boxes, predominantly Little P’nuts, there have been a couple of Janod toys.  I knew nothing of Janod.  But, after receiving a couple of puzzles or other toys, I looked them up on Amazon.  You know, my favorite website of all time and the bane of my mailman’s existence.  Ahem.  Most of the toys are designed in France, are wooden and toxic free.  Many feature magnets as well.  The brand as a whole, doesn’t push gender-ification of the toys.  Here are a couple of examples of the items that have made it into our home either by subscription or by moi purchasing it (like what I did there with the French ;P).

Janod Helicopter & Rocket Magnetic kit with Coloring Book:

Janod Helicopter & Rocket

Janod Robot Magnets: (we have the Doll version too)Janod Robots

Janod Fish PuzzleJanod Fish Puzzle  Janod Stack & Link Turtles:   Janod Stack & LinkJanod Zoo & Forest Puzzles (we only have the zoo one): Janod Puzzles

There are probably a couple other toys in our house that I am forgetting about, but this at least gives you a general overview of their products.  It seems they have an extensive product line, but I really have only had to be exposed to age appropriate for a kid who puts pieces in her mouth still.

* p.s. nappies + milk does list products via Amazon to help pay for hosting and blog related costs

Grandparent’s Day

I’ve been looking into what Lana will get her grandma, poppy, nana and papa for Grandparent’s Day. Last year, we didn’t do anything because the day skirted right by me without remembering its existence, after all, I wasn’t a kid in elementary school being barraged with reminders and I was a first time mom in the midst of the plethora of “firsts.”

This year, I saw something that reminded me, I better up the ante a bit and do something special! Aside from the usual trinkets, flowers and whatnot, there are lots of Pinterest ideas out there too. Since I am a working mom, I can’t dedicate a lot of time to something homemade, here are some ideas that I can get behind (some require purchases and more time, but maybe this will stir the creative juices):

UPDATE:  Apparently even one of nappies+milk’s own mamas didn’t know what Grandparent’s Day was so here is a quick link to read up on it: