A visit to the “dah”

I took RJ to the doctor today. He’s been exceptionally cranky since sometime last week and occasionally pulls on his ear. He had a fever one afternoon last week but not since then. He’s not teething. He kind of/maybe has a runny nose? But only when he’s crying. Which is often right now. He kinda coughed a few times during the night last night. But wasn’t coughing anymore upon waking this morning. In July I shrugged signs like this off for a long time only to finally take him in for some random rash and find out he had a double ear infection the whole time. So my guilty mommy-memory told me to take him in today, despite the lack of any consistent symptoms.

Spoiler alert. No ear infection.

When I told him we were going to the doctor he was so excited. He pointed to his ears and to his mouth and to his eyes. All the places he knows the doctor likes to take a look at. He walked into the office holding my hand like a big boy and saying “dah! dah!”. And then, as per usual, melted down the minute the nurse wanted to put him naked on the scale, and continued to freak out for the remainder of the appointment. I mean, listen, I wouldn’t be happy about being placed naked on a scale either. But considering earlier today RJ pulled off his pants and diaper and ran around the yard nude and took a dump next to our tree, I’m guessing it wasn’t the naked-and-vulnerable thing that had him upset.

He survived the terrifying visit and was back to his normal self after some cuddles with Mama. And he proudly told Mr. E about his visit with the “dah” when Mr. E came home from work. He had an exciting conversation with Dada about the “dah” looking in his “mow” (mouth) and he and Dada exchanged some demonstrations of opening their mouths and saying “ahhhhh”. So he likes the doctor in theory… just not in practice. That’s the moral of this story, I suppose.

Just wait until I take you for your flu shot next week, baby bear. You’ll never let me drag you near the “dah” ever again.