Yesterday & Last Year

Yesterday, when we brought RJ to a local Mom’s Club event at a pumpkin patch, I couldn’t help but remember when I brought him to his first pumpkin patch, last year, purely for a photo opp. I didn’t even buy a pumpkin last year. Sorry, just here to take photos of the pumpkins that are twice the size of my baby!!!

I felt a little guilty for not supporting the farm, but I  was riding solo, and couldn’t really figure out how to carry a baby and a pumpkin at the same time anyway.

This year, I had Mr. E. along, and RJ’s doing that handy little thing called “walking” now, so buying a pumpkin wasn’t as much of a logistical challenge. Oh… and the mother’s club paid for one for us… so…. ya know…

(OK I’m kind of cheap and it’s starting to show.)

(Let’s change the subject.)

Today, I decided to take a little walk down memory lane and take a look at last year’s pumpkin patch pictures and compare them to this year’s. Because, I dunno, I felt like pulling at my heartstrings. I invite you all to join along.

Here’s RJ checking out the pumpkins yesterday:

big orange pumpkin little green pumpkin


He really liked that little green one on the right. No matter how many beautiful, round, orange ones we pointed out to him, he kept coming back to it.

Here’s RJ checking out the pumpkins last year:

last year big pumpkin eating pumpkin

Yes, we were apparently still in the stick-everything-you-find-in-your-mouth phase.

Raise your hand if you miss that phase!

Yeah, me neither.

RJ riding in the wheelbarrow yesterday:


Please don’t look too closely at Mr. E.’s outfit. I’m a little overdue on laundry. Either that or polo shirts plus gym shorts are totally coming in this year. Only time will tell.

RJ riding in the wheelbarrow last year:

20131030_113822 20131030_113826(0)

Soooo cute! So little! I just want to pick his old self up and squish him!!!


Totally understanding how everyone says they’re 18 and moving out of the house before you know it.

How can I make him stop growing up???

I’ll give you our free pumpkin if you can tell me how.

I’m going to go sneak into my son’s room, all creepy-like, now and watch him sleep. *sob*